Global Settings

This options apply to all terminals. If you need a particular terminal to behave differently is best to configure the look and feel options at the connection level.

  • Close terminal on disconnect
    • Enabled. The terminal will close immediately after : you type exit, a network error, disconnection from the server.
    • Disabled. You will be asked if you really want to close the terminal.
  • Auto unsplit disconnected terminals : Same concept as previous option but with slit terminal.
  • Timeouts

    • Time to connect : How many seconds to wait to establish new connection.
    • Expect CMD exec : Time to wait for an expect sequence to execute.
  • Auto save Session logs : When enabled, will save a log the complete session in a file for all established connections.

    • Save in : Location to save logs
    • Remove control characters : Will clean the logs from all terminal control characters. Just leave a clean text output.
    • Pattern for the filename
  • Open new connections on
    • Tabs
      • Set the key combination to switch tabs.
      • Set the action to perform when closing the last tab.
    • Windows
      • Set predefined Width and Height.